Borja Ruiz is a multi-instrumentalist musician from Cantabria, (North Coast of Spain). Of both classical and modern formation, his principal points of reference are: Progressive Rock, Celtic, New Age, Classical and World Music, so much in his primitively or folkloric state as in the adjustment to new possibilities and sonorous concepts of nowadays.

  He is presenting his new album called “Bajo el Reino de la Luna”, (Under the Kingdom of the Moon), a composition of 40 minutes divided in two parts, for more than twenty-five instruments played by Borja Ruiz, (electric and acoustic violin, electric, acoustic and spanish guitars, electric mandolin, bass guitar, whistles, flutes, galician bagpipe, grand piano, analogical synthesizers, vibráphone, glokenspiel, marimba, darbuka, djembes, snare drum, orchestral bass-drum, toms, cymbals, zen gong,…).

  "Bajo el Reino de la Luna " it is a symphony inspired by natural environments, (cliffs, forests, rivers and mountains), specially places for Borja Ruiz, transformed into an imaginary world. It is formed by instrumental passages that have a great variety of melodies and densities, and with a predominantly celtic sonority

Bajo el Reino de la Luna - Part One                                Bajo el Reino de la Luna - Part Two

        The valley of the moon                                                 Reflections in the waters
        Shining lights                                                               Western mountains
        Eastern mountains                                                       Starry sky
        Paths in the forest                                                       Lake of dreams
        Echoes from the edge                                                   Western march      
        Lights in the woods                                                       Bolao´s cliffs
        Wind in the fields
        Song of the moon
        Celtic Land

Borja Ruiz´s new album “Bajo el Reino de la Luna” - Under the Kingdom of the Moon

Available on CD or mp3 digital download